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» Welcome to Legendary.
Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:20 pm by Admin

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    In an alternate universe man came from being the dominant species on the planet to an endangered species. In a world of human survivors, mutants, magic, werewolves, vampires, classic races, mythical deities, angels, demons, superheroes, super villains and yes... Zombies!! A new age has dawned. Be what ever you want. No limits. Unlimited power... or whatever it is YOU crave. Come let the inner beast out... or be an introvert. All personalities welcome... Including introverts!

    11Welcome to Legen...
    Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:20 pm
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    It is modern times. Things are not what they appear to be.

    Mankind was always waging war. After a point, the gods stopped interaction with man. Especially when demons and angels alike were mating with mortals. Gods and goddesses stopped mating with mortals. The angels stopped. The demons felt otherwise. This brought in the dark ages.

    Around the dark ages a new breed of family legacy began. A dark wizard cursed one family. The parents weren't the direct targets. The children.

    Year 666 All five children cursed, all girls. Werebeast curse. The following new species were created...Werecat, werewolves, werebat or vampire, wererat and wereweasel. The next generations spread out. Some lines didn't make it. Three survived... The werewolves, vampires and the were cat. As a last aggressive attack, a special breed of wereweasel called wereraccoons, created the rabies virus. Blaming it on the vampires or werebats. The wildlife of raccoons are to carry the virus today.

    One angel fell to save man, give him hope. The year 777, this angel cursed a mother pregnant with identical triplets. He didn't mate with obviously. He cursed the offspring with a blessing. They would be the first three mutants. They would be born with basic psionic power. Each next generation would be stronger than the last. This power was created to combat werebeasts and demon nephilims and evil demigods or evil demigoddesses. As the angel fell, after she gave birth to the three, he mated with her to create one last good nephilim. She had twin nephilims. Today they have lineage.

    Continuing on... August 20, 1984. The day man fell. The rabies virus mixed with the HIV virus in a man. He became the first zombie. By the year 2000 man and werebeast were nearly extinct. The vampires made an allegiance with the werewolves. The werecats died out. The "unholy virus" killed the werecats. The virus is called the "unholy virus." Infected werewolves and vampires became intelligent zombies. Now they're organized. Everyone else wiped out the zombies... Mostly. Australia is organized zombie land. A king resides the offspring of a zombie werewolf and zombie vampire.

    By 2010... Life is almost normal, but had changed. No more superpower nations. During the zombie reign of terror, nations fell. After third world countries ceased to exist as well as second world countries. Governments vanished. It became all about survival. Nations broke up and cities became their own. The wilderness became the likeness of international waters. Free game.

    Today... Modern day... The vampires and werewolves are accepted by mankind. Vaewolves too... Mortals with a death sentence by jury get eaten by a vampire or werewolf or vaewolf. The gods have returned... Some have and so have the angels. The world is at peace. With exception to Australia. Criminals usually join up with the zombie lord. Australia's name is changed to "Crimson Scarlet. " The rest of the world is peaceful. Sometimes a villain shows up. There is underground organized crime. When does it not exist!? Today exists a society of superpowers, magic, medieval classes returning. Medieval as in wizards, warriors, rogues, hunters, clerics and monks. What will you become!?

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    Be who you want to be. There are though some power and identity limitations.

    A few regulations...

    1. Godhood- unless your a god or goddess... No god modding. Deities... No omnis... No omnipotence or omniscience. No "OMNI."

    2. Power Copy- no two original powers a like. Exceptions to this rule. If there is a mutant who is either werewolf or vampire, being bitten by one with superpowers. If you're a werewolf or vampire, those you infect will gain your superpower. Same go for smart zombies. Humans can become vampires, werewolves or intelligent zombies inheriting the attacker's superpowers.

    3. Identical Identities- no two Zeus... Same identity can't be used. Exceptions... There will more than one angel or demon. No two identical demigods of the same deity are parallel in superpowers.

    4. Original or Not- there will be a list of wanted characters. Meaning characters who already exist. Or you can be original.


    Character Creation

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    This is a collection of research sites to build your character. Anymore to add, there is a "questions and oomments" forum.

    Google.com (Of course)












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    Character Personality Type

    Please take the personality test at the following link. Copy and paste it into your browser please.


    One of these 16 personality types is yours.

    1. INFP

    2. INFJ

    3. ENFP

    4. ENFJ

    5. INTJ

    6. ENTJ

    7. INTP

    8. ENTP

    9. ESFJ

    10. ESFP

    11. ISFJ

    12. ISFP

    13. ESTJ

    14. ESTP

    15. ISTJ

    16. ISTP

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    Character Race

    Generally Wanted:

    Deities - Greek mythical gods or goddesses. Egyptian, Norse, Celtic, Roman or others.

    Demigods or Demigoddesses - Half Deity half mortal

    Angels - Servants of Deities

    Demon - Rebellious angels

    Nephilim Type A - Half mortal half angel

    Nephilim Type D - Half mortal half demon

    Nephelem - half angel half demon.

    Werewolves or Vampires

    Vaewolf - Werewolf vampire hybrid

    Smart Zombie Type W - Zombie werewolf

    Smart Zombie Type V - Zombie vampire

    Smart Zombie Type Vae - Zombie vaewolf

    Smart Zombie Type M - Zombie Mutant

    Werewolf Mutant Hybrid

    Vampire Mutant Hybrid

    Vaewolf Mutant Hybrid Mutant

    Cyborg - Half mortal half machine

    Machine - Artificial intelligence humanoid

    Mutant A - Born this way

    Mutant B - Altered this way

    Mutant C - Born this way and altered later on

    Human Being

    Alien Race - Kryptonian, Saiyan, Predator, etc

    Ancient Race - Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Gargoyle, etc

    Hybrd - Ones we haven't listed

    Elite - 3 mixed types

    Supreme - 4 or more mixed types

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    Character Class

    All available classes.

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    Character Application

    Character Application

    Civilian Name: First and Last

    Alias: Superhero, Super Villain or nick name




    Personality Type: choose from the 16

    Personality Traits:


    Superpower or Magic Power:

    Power Detail:



    NOTE: Post a topic titled "Character Application" as a new topic to register a character. When you begin your story, submit a history of your character to start the blog. History is no less than three paragraphs.



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